life closer to nature 

     organic ceramics 

Nature has always been with us, we are part of her and   she is part of us. She helps us, inspires and teaches us to live in harmony and love.

She inspired us to combine our passion which is pottery with her treasures from the North Sea and to create an unusual line of delicate cups .

With her, every morning coffee ,or afternoon tea will bring you closer to nature.


The whole process of making our cups begins in our heads, with a piece of clay in our hands, in which we put a lot of love and passion, so that after a few moments on a spinning potter's wheel, a new form timidly emerges from our hands ...another amazing cup ... just for you.
To make it even more amazing, we wrap it with our unique organic glaze .

Why unique?

Because to make it we use real sea shells and sea sand, which we collect from the beach ourselves and hand-grind.
We calmly and thoroughly mix all the ingredients and apply to each cup, so that after firing at 1250 degrees Celsius melt together forming a fluffy, durable organic glaze.
All components of our glaze are natural and come from nature. We do not use any toxic substances, fillers, preservatives or anti-mold.


To obtain different colors we use red terracotta clay rich in metal oxides and minerals that react with the remaining glaze components in the firing process.


Our natural glaze is hardened at high temperature and is resistant to microwave, oven and dishwasher.
However, every unique product deserves special treatment, which is why we recommend washing it by hand and using it with its intended use.

The dimensions of our cups differ from each other ... each of them is made individually, starting with a small piece of clay on a potter's wheel and ending with the finished shape with the handle.

That is why we give you average sizes and we guarantee that each of our cups is unique.


capacity about 215 ml
diameter about 8 cm

weight about 185 gr


Returns and exchanges of products

If for some reason you don't like our cups,

please let us know within 7 days of delivery and send them back to us within 14 days of delivery.



Natural coffee cup -Grainy yellow


    We are happy to carry out individual orders and unusual projects.
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