The collection "CHILDREN OF EARTH" is characterized by warm, earthy colors and realistic animal sculptures, emerging from classic pottery forms.

Natural pigments and the method of combining sculptures with shapes make this collection really raw , but at the same time close to nature and ourselves.

All forms in the collection were made by hand on a potter's wheel and were then deliberately deformed for the purpose of adding sculptures.

The colors were obtained from metal oxides occurring in nature.

After the first firing and applying of colors, the whole was covered with transparent glaze and firing again at 1050 degrees Celsius.

  • Weight         4,3  kg 

  • Height          25  cm 

  • Diameter     18  cm

  • Max width   22,5 cm 

Drill - Mandrillus leucophaeus

Specie endangered with extinction.

Currently, you can meet only in Nigeria, south-west Cameroon and  part of Equatorial Guinea.