Beautiful vase from the "BLACK AFRICA" collection with a climbing black jaguar 
(melanistic leopard) inhabiting the Kenyan bush.

The whole collection of "BLACK AFRICA" was inspired by the harshness and mystery of African nature. Her, beauty and savagery, wealth and brutality, the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the night.

Violence and simultaneous harmony, which fills the whole continent, from the first ray of the sun ... to the last cry of the night.


The vase was hand-made on a potter's wheel, and then a hand-held, modeled figure of a jaguar was attached. After the first firing,

the whole was covered with black glaze and fired again at 1050 degrees Celcius.


Black Jaguar

Black Jaguar
  • Weight          2,6   kg 

  • Height            33   cm 

  • Diameter     16,5  cm

  • Max width      20  cm