My name is Tomasz Barden and my adventure with pottery began in 1998

in Pottery Workshop Master Jan Grobelny , where later I was a student.

After serving a four-year practice, I passed the exam in the Craft Federation in Gdańsk Poland , obtaining a diploma in the Potter-Ceramics profession.

Since that time, together with my wife Magdalena were in different places where we undertook various works and activities until we got to where we are now.

To the town of Beverwijk in North Holland, located near the North Sea, where our first dream came true - Barden Pottery Art.

Here, in our small studio, we create shapes from our thoughts and fill them with clay so that you can see them too.

Tomasz Barden , potter , clay throwing

The shapes that we create in most cases are inspired by ancient Africa ,Mesoamerica and nature . The wisdom of our ancestors, about ourselves, and the world that surrounds us, left in art, ceremonies and rituals is our greatest treasure, from which we draw inspiration, visions and knowledge.


Antiquity hides many secrets from us, but looking carefully at her, we can still learn a lot and discover her wisdom in ourselves and around us.


In addition to what our ancestors whisper to us, we also carry out projects according to our clients' guidelines.
Each product is created individually with passion, love and care. Therefore, each project requires time to complete, and custom designs need him more to prepare for them, find inspiration, empathize with them and let them flow through our hands.

January 21 - March 31, 2019

Exhibition in Keramikos B.V.
Ceramic center North Holland

Oudeweg 153
2031 CC Haarlem

ceramic exibition

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or prices, please contact us : 

June 23 - July 19, 2019

The exhibition at the Galerie Blauwe

Het Blauwe Pand

Aris van Broekweg 2

1507BB Zaandam