Organic Ceramics 

life closer to nature 

Handmade unusual cups with natural organic glaze 

made of hand-picked and ground sea shells and sea sand.

Our story & philosophy

My name is Tomasz Barden

and together with my wife Magdalena and two cats  we create Barden Pottery Art, which is not a place on the map,

but space in our mindsand hearts,

an opportunity and a way to live closer to     

nature and to be closer to ourselves.

My adventure with pottery began in 1998 in Pottery Workshop Master Jan Grobelny , where later I was a student.

After serving a four-year practice, I passed the exam in the Craft Federation in Gdańsk Poland , obtaining a diploma in the Potter-Ceramics profession.

Since that time, together with my wife Magdalena were in different places where we undertook various works and activities until we got to where we are now.

To the town of Beverwijk in North Holland, located near the North Sea, where our first dream came true - Barden Pottery Art.

Working with clay on a potter's wheel is not just making clay dishes . 
It is a connection with nature, the universe and itself.
Everything in the universe is spinning ,  galaxies, stars, planets, all atoms in our body and subatomic particles that are the building blocks of everything that surrounds us.

Touching a spinning clay on the potter's wheel  

you immerse yourself with all your senses into an endless process of creation that instantly fills you with happiness and peace and integrates you with the present moment and with yourself.

We know that not everyone has the opportunity

to work with clay on a potter's wheel and delve into

this extraordinary creation process.
That why we want to share with you our experiences and feelings from this process, leaving them for you in every cup, vase, sculpture and form that we create to touch you senses, stimulate your sensitivity and stop you
 even for a second in the present moment.

 Thank you to everyone we met on our path

 for inspiration and learning,

 especially for the whole                         team
 for supporting, understanding and motivation.

...Thank you ...